Top 5 classic Welsh meals to enjoy on Holiday

If you are planning a holiday in Wales then you can also take advantage of sampling some of the most infamous Welsh cuisine. Wales is famous for leaks, lamb and also seafood if you are staying close to the coast.

  • Tatws Pum Munud - This is a traditional Welsh stew which is a great meal to have if you've been out enjoying the Welsh countryside all day. It is a warming stew with potatoes, vegetables, stock and smoked bacon. However, it is not prepared like a normal British stew which is normally slow cooked. The Tatws Plum Munud is commonly cooked on the stove in a frying pan. This is because of the way the vegetables are prepared. Unlike most stews, the vegetable in a Tatws Pum Munud are sliced lengthways to lay flat. There are variations of the stew but if you get the chance then this Welsh classic is really worth a try.
  • Welsh Rarebit - A simple yet favoured traditional Welsh meal. Whilst there have been many variations in terms of added ingredients including, pepper, cayenne pepper, mustard and many more. Traditionally the tasty dish is made with a mature cheddar cheese, a savoury sauce and then served melted on top of toasted white bread. This is a great snack for lunch and is simple enough to make yourself but it is a must try Welsh dish.
  • Glamorgan Sausage - The Glamorgan Sausage is not your average sausage. This traditional Welsh Sausage is made entirely from Caerphilly or Glamorgan cheese, the infamous Welsh leaks and finished in bread crumbs. These sausages are great whether you are a vegetarian or not and are a great way to get some vegetables into the kids. These moreish sausages go great with a creamy mash potato and rich gravy or jus.
  • Shepherd's Pie - With Wales being famous for their sheep, it is not surprise that the Welsh enjoy a good lamb dinner. Traditionally made with fresh lambs mince and covered with a creamy mash potato, this dish is then baked in the oven until the top goes crisp. There have been various ingredients added to the dish over the years and it may differ from place to place with the addition of cheese in the mash potato and vegetables or onion in with the mince.
  • Teisennau Tatws - This potato cake is normally served as an accompliment rather than as a dish on it's own. However, these potato cakes are incredibly well seasoned and flavoured and make a great addition to any plate. These cakes are made from boiled potatoes, flour, sugar, egg, milk, butter and spice which is then fried until golden brown. This is a great alternative way to eat potato and goes well with most dishes.

Remember these dishes are not exclusive to wales, and you can find them in many Birmingham hotels, luxury accommodation in the Lake District and even London hotels. Wherever you go in Great Britain you are never far from great welsh food.

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